Integral renovation of BBVA headquarters

BBVA launches its new image in Galicia with a focus on transparency and natural light


We completed the works carried out at the BBVA central headquarters in Galicia, located in Cantón Pequeño in A Coruña. Thanks to this refurbishment we have materialised the new concept of the entity “Blue Branch“, providing a much more direct relationship with the customer and improving its accessibility to new technologies.

The renovated branch has a surface area of over 1.200 square metres with access from two of the most central and busiest streets in the Galician city.

As a result of the annexation of two premises, we executed the works in two phases so that customers would not be affected by them and would have all the bank’s services available during the execution period.

The project, drawn up by Cotecno Ingeniería y Arquitectura, includes aesthetic, structural and functional improvements. On the outside there is a façade that opens onto the Cantón Pequeño, a reflection of the city’s classicist-inspired banking architecture.

The original wrought iron doors have been recovered and the aluminium windows have been replaced with lacquered wooden ones. We have also removed the advertising signage, giving prominence to the architecture of the architectural ensemble.

Inside, the original white marble flooring has been preserved in the customer service areas, while in the meeting rooms and work areas we have installed porcelain flooring. The space responds to the “Blue Branch” concept thanks to the fluidity of communications, the use of glass and light colours.

This feeling of transparency and spaciousness increases thanks to the main protagonist of the premises: the skylight of more than 100 square metres located in the centre.

As a result of the complete refurbishment of the roof, the skylight allows natural light to enter all areas of the premises. It also has insulating panels and acoustic louvres that improve acoustic comfort, as well as helping to filter the light.

We would like to thank BBVA for the confidence they have placed in us to materialise their commitment to a more collaborative workspace.

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