Public and private work | Industrial ships



Our area of infrastructures has dealt with the construction of a wide range of technically demanding projects with a meticulous planning over the years. This proves our high degree of efficiency and professionalism.

This experience has been valuable to us when executing public works to the highest level of technically and economic demand. The company is administratively qualified for public works and holds the corresponding certificate from the Ministry of Taxes and Economy.

Why trust Desarrolla?

We can guarantee the execution of each project according to quality, fixed cost and within the stipulated period, because of our work system which is based on a methodical planning. Desarrolla infrastructures consist in an experienced high qualified professional team, that is committed to the innovation and contributes to the most advanced solutions.

We have executed several works financed by the state, such as the building of hospitals, schools and urban areas, and several private buildings as industrial units and commercial areas.