Houses | Residential buildings


The residential buildings and houses area of Desarrolla stands out because of its ability to build each project as unique and innovate construction adapted to customer´s needs. It is part of our main activities alongside the areas of interior design, restoration and infrastructures.

The Desarrolla building team analyzes each project and takes the best solutions according to the particular needs of each customer. Private individuals, developers or cooperatives have an experienced high qualified technical team during the development of the construction of these residential building or single-family homes.

Why trust Desarrolla?

We are fully aware that the purchase or construction of a dwelling is one of the biggest investments in a person´s life. That is why we treat all our projects with total responsibility and seriousness.

Over the years we have carried out projects of great technical complexity and with certain architectural singularities, covering all aspects of the work in collaboration with the project management, and commited to a management system totally oriented at the client.