Customer orientation

It seems unreasonable how anyone who buys some clothes, an electrical appliance or a car can receive a better attention and also more guarantees than another one who makes a bigger investment, such as an the building or the rehabilitation of an apartment, a house or even a local premise.

For us, the customer’s satisfaction is the biggest objective. For that reason, our procedures as a construction company revolve around this basic principle.

We offer a work of continuous advice throughout the construction process in coordination with the other actors involved in the work. Besides, the customer could see the evolution of the project through our private Customer Area.


Innovation and constant update are two of the principles of our philosophy as a construction company. For that reason, with new technologies help and with the aim of offering the greatest level of transparency, we have the Customer Area.

This space has a coded access and allows the customer to track online and in real time the evolution of our work. This tool provides all the project documentation, such as administrative data, contracts, billing, certification, etc. Besides, Customer Area also provides constructional and technical aspects of our work. All this information is supported with constant photographic coverage and also with weekly descriptions from our technical department.

Economic solvency

The economic solvency of any company in this sector is now more important than ever as we are living bad times for construction. For that reason, it is essential to transmit the highest level of security and stability to our customers, and to achieve these purposes, there is nothing better than carrying out enterprise policies based on the seriousness in the management of payments and collections.

In Desarrolla, we believe in long-term sustainability capitalization of the firm, and in our policy of firm and staple management. We accredit our economic solvency to the client before work begins, documenting fulfillment of obligations to Public Administrations and producing duly endorsed certificates.

Security and Health at work

Among our main objectives is to improve the level of protection of people reaching the same level of importance and significance as those related to the productive area.

We work in the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions throughout the company, as well as in the elimination of hazards and in the reduction of risks to the safety and health of our workers and collaborators.

For this, at the Galicia level, we have a Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on the ISO 45001 standard, which contributes to its integration into the company’s management.

This management adapts to the nature and magnitude of the risks identified, providing a framework for the establishment and review of the objectives to be achieved in the area of ​​Occupational Health and Safety.