Protected heritage | Property conservation


Our area of Restoration is made up of a team of specialist technicians who work to provide the most advanced and appropriate construction solutions for each particular case. At Desarrolla Obras y Servicios we are fully aware of the importance of the proper conservation of architectural elements. In this sense, we distinguish two specialities in our restoration area.

Restoration and conservation of buildings, whether they are historic façades or single-family homes in disuse.

On the other hand, we are firmly committed to the conservation of protected heritage, highlighting among our interventions the most emblematic monuments of Galicia.

The advances made in recent years in the construction sector mean that refurbishment has become a main activity. New materials, application techniques and the training of professionals put this area on a par with building, interior design and infrastructures.

Why trust Desarrolla?

The technical vocation of our company makes us specialise in this area of restoration and conservation, highlighting the diversity of integral restorations of emblematic buildings and Assets of Cultural Interest (BIC) carried out during our trajectory.

Our capacity and solvency in rehabilitation and conservation are endorsed by the highest classification in the execution of K7 restoration works. This rating, granted by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, authorises the company Desarrolla Obras y Servicios to carry out restoration work on buildings and monuments with heritage protection, which is a guarantee both in technical terms and in terms of execution and results.