About us

We are a construction company.

Our story begins in 2009 during the economic crisis, something that undoubtedly made our character. At that time we made two resolutions. The first was to firmly pursue a new business model, move away from the stereotypes of the construction sector with renewed values ​​and philosophy that we introduced in the sector by adopting them and adapting them to our reality. The second bet was to remain loyal to our convictions, something not easy to achieve at a time when the crisis treated our sector with special virulence.

We currently have 17 offices in Spain, our expansion plan meets its objectives and we begin prudently to think about a future internationalization. Ten years have passed since then, ten years is a long time, but we approach the future with romanticism similar to our beginnings following a simple formula; revisiting our past. This is what really helps us keep track of the way we face the future with renewed energies.


What do we do

Our Company has four specialized divisions: Building, Interior Design, Rehabilitation and Infrastructure. Although, each of them operates independently, we keep open different transversal channels through which we share everything related to innovation, technical information or trends. Doing so allows us to deal with any of the construction and environmental challenges proposed by the Architecture and current interior design world.


The human team

We are absolutely convinced that the company’s human resources policy must be aligned with our corporate values. There is no doubt that our strength and growth has a lot to do with the quality of our human team. Well versed and involved professionals who perform their duties in the most responsible and responsive manners. They have managed to exceed our growth expectations.

Promoting a respectful work environment, ongoing training and professional growth, promoting a healthy lifestyle are some of the company´s policies. Skill evaluation assessment systems are also in places which are strategic indicators that help our team grow in parallel with the Company’s progression.