Commercial premises | Interior housing


The area of interior housing and commercial premises of Desarrolla stands out for its specialisation in integral fittings and interior reforms, working in both commercial premises and homes. It is one of our main activities, together with the area of building, restoration and infrastructures.

On the other hand, we will offer you a personalised service to carry out the partial or complete renovation of your home, flat or house. At Desarrolla we advise you on permits and licences, as well as helping you to resolve any formalities you may need to carry out the restoration of your home or commercial premises.

Why trust Desarrolla?

At Desarrolla we are aware that the implementation or modification of a business requires maximum rigour and planning when carrying out the refurbishment work. Delays in the inauguration or opening of a business can mean huge losses in profitability for any business owner. For this reason, at Desarrolla Obras y Servicios we contractually guarantee completion dates, working with maximum agility and keeping in constant communication with the costumer and the project management, to obtain the best results in the refurbishment of your business premises.