Casa Du Costa, a look at avant-garde construction

13 September, 2021

Desarrolla builds a luxury house in Sitges that stands out for its exemplary use of space and views. An avant-garde construction on a hill near the Mediterranean.

La vivienda ejecutada por Desarrolla es un ejemplo de construcción de vanguardia

Space, light and order. Le Corbusier said that these are the things men need to live. And these three qualities stand out precisely in the avant-garde construction that Desarrolla Obras y Servicios is carrying out in Sitges.

It can be no coincidence that the owners of this luxury house, named as Casa Du Costa, are declared admirers of the brilliant French architect of Swiss origin.

The delightful project created by the BRFS Architecture studio takes its inspiration from these sources. From the exemplary management of the spaces and the no less impressive use of the magnificent views.

The studio and the owners worked to create a home with a strong personality. A unique example of what avant-garde constructions represents.

A house that also represent a challenge due to the demands posed by the location. This is because the building is built on a very steep slope at the foot of the Mediterranean.

To give shape to the programme of needs, Desarrolla has built two volumes partially excavated in the rock.

Avant-garde construction techniques

The construction team has relied on a micro-pile foundation to overcome the constraints arising from the sloping location.

The result is striking. The four floors of the house, connected by lift, open out onto the Mediterranean and the Catalan town to take advantage of the incomparable views.

Everything in the house is harmonious. The transition between the exterior and interior spaces flows in each of the floors, supported by the glazing in all the rooms. An example of design and avant-garde.

It is impossible to walk through the luxury home without being accompanied by the sea. Whether in the interior rooms or on each of the terraces designed by the BRFS team.

The recurrent use of concrete both in the floors and ceilings gives the project order and solidity. A controlled power that fits naturally into the environment. A work that will be further enhanced by the interior design tasks.

This is Casa Du Costa, a look at avant-garde construction.

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