More than just building

Lifeplus project was created with the aim of bringing together the different CSR actions undertaken throughout the company’s history, especially those included in the corporate social responsibility plan 2020 | 2025

Since its foundation, the company has participated in different solidarity and environmental actions that have shown values aligned with social responsibility, as well as a faithful commitment to the different causes that surround us, striving in all of them for social welfare. Lifeplus brings together all these initiatives, as well as specific actions to raise awareness among employees about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle inside and outside the workplace.

Of particular note are the EcoDesarrolla initiatives, as the greenest part of the programme, and Construye Vida, a social responsibility campaign launched in 2010 with more than 30 collaborations in different areas and causes.

Construye Vida is our CSR project par excellence: Created in 2010, it is a response to the concerns and values that have accompanied us since our beginnings. We believe it is important that social challenges are faced from different areas and that all actors are involved in them, so throughout those years we have actively collaborated with different NGOs such as Médicos del Mundo, Tierra de Hombres, Cruz Roja, Intermon Oxfam, Amigos de Ositeti……

EcoDesarrolla is Lifeplus’ most sustainable commitment. With it we take our involvement with the environment further than the good practices implemented in our daily activity, according to the ISO 14001 certification we have had since 2012, or actively participating in projects such as Gbce (Council for Sustainable Building in Spain) and PEP (Passivhaus Building Platform).