13+1 Facts Built

17 October, 2013

Ciclo de conferencias patrocinado por Desarrolla

Desarrolla sponsors the first serie of conferences about the developed contemporary Galician architecture, which are organized by  the Delegation of Official College of Architects of Galicia in A Coruña. The title of this is “13+1 Hechos construidos”.

The conferences will be celebrated in the room at the Coruña headquarters. These meetings will be fortnightly on Wednesday, since the 23 October to the 29th January 2014.

Location: COAG Delegation in A Coruña. C/Federico Tapia Nº64.

Time: 20:00 h.

Sessions: Wednesday

23 October 2013: Iago Seara

06 November 2013: José Villacé and Martín de Cominges

20 November 2013: Julio Grande

04 December 2013: Andrés Reboredo

December 18, 2013: Alberto Noguerol and Pilar Díez

15 January 2014: Fernando Blanco

29 January 2014: SOMA Architecture IMASD