A complete renovation: the rebirth of a house in Gavá

23 September, 2021

Desarrolla Obras y Servicios and LUV Architecture & Design are starting the integral reform of a spectacular house on the seafront of the Catalan town. The project will completely remodel the building

La vivienda conecta con el paseo marítimo de Gavá

A comprehensive reform is a radical process. A 180-degree turn. It happens that, on many occasions, it is the most effective way to achieve excellence. An ambitious commitment such as the one that Desarrolla Obras y Servicios is going to implement in a house located on the Gavá seafront promenade.

The project has further strengthened the collaboration between the construction company and the prestigious LUV Architecture & Design studio. In the same Catalan town they are currently building a luxury villa that is another example of design and avant-garde.

In the case of the house on the Gavá seafront promenade, the decision to carry out a complete refurbishment is based on a premise that is obvious: the enormous potential of the property.

Located at the foot of the promenade and with delightful views of the Mediterranean, the building is located in the centre of a plot of more than 1,000 square metres.

Desarrolla is going to completely transform the image and the functional programme of the property. A radical change that will involve the creation of a new structural system with which to shape the new uses and services of the house.

A contemporary aesthetic that takes advantage of the power of the surroundings to enhance the image of the house. A house with more than 600 square metres of built surface area (interior and exterior) divided into a ground floor, two other floors and a semi-basement.

Complete programme of needs

The comprehensive refurbishment will make it possible to satisfy a programme of needs. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a living-dining room, an office and a games room.

All of this is based on an open-plan concept, which opens up the entire floor to the spectacular outdoor terrace. A visual delight that is an invitation to live with family and friends.

On the first floor there are three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. On the second floor is the imposing master suite, designed with a large dressing room and a big bathroom.

The semi-basement, meanwhile, will be something of a service floor: laundry, wine cellar, storage rooms, installations room…

The project designed by The Luxury of Living is striking for the harmony created between the new volumes of the house. Also for the exemplary use of light.

This intention is evident in rooms such as the dining room, the kitchen and the bedrooms. All have large windows and skylights to let in natural light. Also to enjoy views of the Mediterranean that are pure poetry.

A strong idea that will be reinforced once the work is completed with the contribution of the interior design work.

The work planned for the exterior with this refurbishment will result in new perimeter walls, a natural and modernised connection with the Gavá seafront promenade, a new garden…

The creators are even going to reduce the size of the swimming pool to create harmony. So that it fits in with the project as a whole.

A work in which nothing is left to chance. In which everything has a purpose. And in which we are delighted to participate. That is why we would like to thank the promoters of the project and its creators for the trust placed in Desarrolla Obras y Servicios.

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