Light and shapes in the heart of the countryside

Desarrolla concludes the construction of an impressive house of contemporary architecture on a plot of 3.500 metres located in Lugo

La vivienda ha hecho de la gestión de la luz una de sus señas de identidad

Jonathan Swift, the creator of the unforgettable Gulliver, said that the best medicine for human being is tranquillity. Calm as a remedy for the soul. Incorporating this peace into the places we inhabit seems a logical commandment for the construction and architecture of our days. As in this house that Desarrolla Obras y Servicios has just completed in Lugo: Light and shapes in the heart of the countryside. An impressive space for peace and quiet on a plot of 3.500 square metres.

The KM Arquitectos project has made the ability to fill each room with natural light one of the hallmarks of the house. And Desarrolla has taken note and executed with extreme care and delicacy every element of the property.

In this way, it has built a 230-square-metre house on a large estate in the countryside of Lugo, far from other properties, providing a sense of stillness that can be breathed in the surroundings.

It is a building created from a composition of cubes in which the enormous window on the main façade stands out in particular. An imposing entrance channel for natural light that fills with life the living room on the ground floor and the study on the upper floor.

Light is an element that plays a major role in the home. As in the upstairs studio, where a glass balustrade allows you to enjoy the sunlight that enter the property through the living room window throughout the day.

The interior of the house is full of details. The spectacular floor-to-ceiling doors, the spaciousness of the kitchen and living room or the stylised stairs leading to the upper floors give the house a genuine personality. Unique.

The commitment to sustainability is another differential element of the project. The house has a geothermal system that supplies the underfloor heating installations, as well as an extraction system that allow the continuous renewal of air.

Desarrolla has treated each of these constructive elements with much care. This combination of light and shapes in the heart of the countryside has given rise to a home that is as contemporary as it is warm.

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