We support the integration of disabled athletes

19 April, 2013

The sports organization “100 Tolos” was in charge of organizing the third encounter of the first Galician League Floret-sword in the sports installations of the Club del Mar in San Amaro.

The club facilitates sporting activity for people of reduced mobility and also for invalids and brain-damaged persons.

The championship notable featured the display of sword-fencing adapted for those in wheelchairs, and was attended by the “100 Tolos” champion Daniel Prada.

These sorts of sporting events demonstrate the essential  role placed by sporting activities in the rehabilitation process of people suffering from various such handicaps.

The force of spirit shown by participants in these sporting events combines dedication and sacrifice, thereby setting a positive example for our modern society in general.

Desarrolla, through its collaboration with “100 Tolos,” takes this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the various events, and to restate its commitment both to the organizing club and to handicapped people in general who reject all notion of barriers in the rehabilitation process.