We straighten out a housing building

23 September, 2013

A laborious process of lifting

Desarrolla has started the raise process of a building in Ponteceso today, in the province of A Coruña.

This procedure, which is unique at his time in Spain, is the last phase of works to correct the inclination of an apartments building, following the F.V.A. Arquitectos studio´s project with collaboration with technical consultancy Enmacosa in order to the design and structural calculation  of this procedure and raised up system.

The building had been evacuated four years ago. It has an evident inclination that compromises the security and the stability of the building. This inclination is a consequence of the instability of the land where it was building, because of the change of the resistance characteristics and the groundwater level in this area. This innovated and complicated technical solution has been assumed because a demolition and reconstruction of this building was not allowed.

Previously this spectacular raise procedure, several elements of ground floor has been demolished, and the underpinning of existing foundations and the construction of a metal structure has been done. This structure joined with several bolts and hydraulic jacks, will be used to transmit loads to the new foundations during the raise procedure of the building.