We set up a playground in Ares

11 October, 2018

Playground that will also be coffee under the name of Urbox

The Urbox is a space thought as a children’s play area located in Santa Barbara Street, in Ares (A Coruña). Desarrolla has carried out a  complete refurbishment of this play area and café designed by VLD Arquitectos Studio.

Only three minutes away form the beach of this area on the coast of Coruña, Urbox is a leisure offer specially thought for the youngest, but that also takes adults into account. Actually, the premises has a café with a specific area for parents and companions to be entertained.

The premises, with a surface of 300 square meters, has an open-plan space in which the several areas as the games areas with different elements, such as a ball pool or tables for arts and crafts for the younger ones are distributed. Each setting is visually distinguished by different colors on the floor. The floor is vinyl and non-slip.

Although the premises is prepared to receive several leisure activities, kids’ celebrations is the main use that is predicted. With this idea in mind, an area though for parties was designed, which has large tables and enough space to carry out games during for example, birthday parties.

As each age has different characteristics regarding leisure, Urbox has a limited area for babies and that has tables from which the parents can see their little ones without visual barriers.

Reading is another fun option and the users that are interested in this other way, can do so at Urbox, where there is a reading area made to measure and made up of padded circles.

The facilities have video surveillance systems, as well as background music and air conditioning to guarantee thermic confort both in winter and in summer.

The execution period carried out by Desarrolla at Urbox Children’s Playground  &  Café was of three and a half months.