We rehabilitate the Bodegas Corral de la Vila in Sitges

15 June, 2018

Desarrolla ends the refurbishment works of the Corral de la Vila- Malvasía Interpretation Center, which belongs to the Sant Joan Baptista Hospital Foundation in Barcelona.

The objective of this refurbishment was to ensure the protection, conservation and disclosure of the Malvasía of the hospital, left in legacy by the diplomat from Sitges Manuel Llopis i Bofill (1885-1935), as well as the geriatric care through his nursing home.

The works have consisted in the recovery of the space carrying out a total action through silica shot blasting techniques, reconstruction of lost volumes recovery of stone walls, lime mortar renders, natural wood carpentry with low emission glazing, recovery of the pavements through silica shot blasting, tinting and water repellent treatment.

The Corral de la Vila- CIM is a museum-area to visit and learn about the history and reality of the Malvasía of Sitges, but also a place to try the different varieties of the product and live the production process paying special attention to its tradition, proximity and current social function.