We finish the archaeological intervention in the Castro de Elviña

13 December, 2019

More than 7 months of hard work

The intervention works at the Castro de Elviña by Desarrolla have finished. The work has allowed us to obtain a more accurate knowledge of the appearance of the original settlement and the daily life of the people who inhabited it.

Being a prehistoric settlement located in the municipality of A Coruña, is an area which was inhabited between the 3rd Century BC and the 4th Century AD.

The main objective is that, through this intervention and restoration work, a coherent speech that will help understand the archaeological remains will be obtained. As well as this, its preservation and conservation are trying to be guaranteed. Ultimately, what is trying to be done is for the visitor to understand these structures better.

Regarding the techniques used and the reversibility of the materials, as a first measure in the restoration of the structures and therefore also of the wall, what was taken into account was that the materials used met two requirements: the possibility of bringing it down and redoing it at a later moment and its durability through time, ensuring an adequate  permanence of its consolidation towards it enhancement for the public.

Over seven months of work

The intervention by Desarrolla at the Castro de Elviña has lasted over seven months and has allowed to bring out the archaeological ensemble’s monumentality.Specifically of the south area, which was discovered in 2013. This is the place where the archeologists think the guided tour should start. Because it is at this starting point where it would be perfectly possible to imagine what the settlement was like at its maximum splendour.