We are awarded the work on the multi-sport track of Igueste

14 September, 2018

The objective of the work is to improve the educational and sports infrastructure

Desarrolla will be in charge of carrying out the roof of the sports facilities of the C.E.I.P. Igueste, located in the municipality of Candelaria (Tenerife) with which, the educational and sports infrastructure is meant to be improved. It has been greatly requested in the rural environment of this municipality, due to the lack of other covered areas that are protected from adverse weather conditions.

The works, projected by the architecture studio Estudio Funcionall, were designed and sized taking into account the special particularities of the location of the facilities, as it will be open, without closings, guaranteeing natural light.

The roof has been projected as a shed roof, with a minimum incline of 7 % and with 8 porticos made of laminated wood in order to ensure its weather resistance. It will be adapted to the incline of the lateral limits so it will be partially squeezed in with the environment.

As well as installing the roof, which will have a surface of over 1,233 square meters, the action will include the building of a grandstand on one side with a capacity of approximately 97 spectators.

Desarrolla, as the contractor of the works, will optimize a space that covers a special need in Igueste, due to the lack of other covered spaces in the area for sports practice. Furthermore, the work of the company will allow a great improvement to the educational equipment of the municipality of Candelaria. The execution time for the works will be of 5 months from the start of the works.