Neonatal Unit of Pontevedra Hospital

Period of execution: 1 MStatus of work: Finished

Comprehensive reform of the Neonatal Unit of the Provincial Hospital of Pontevedra, according to architect Francisco Javier Amenedo Ansede.

The new unit, located in a 200 m2 pavilion on the ground floor of the CHOP, has 14 posts, five are critical care, two thermal cots, two phototherapy posts and another five spots for intermediate care , equipped with modern equipment for neonatal intensive care. In addition, a milk extraction room and a breastfeeding room were enabled.

At the architectural level, spaces have been reorganized, improving the working conditions and patient well-being, taking into account accessibility circuits and the elimination of barriers. Suspended headers were installed to allow the connection of medicinal gases and the electrical connections of incubators to the ceiling, facilitating movements around the patient. The nursing checkpoint has been relocated to facilitate direct patient vision; and a larger space has been reserved for each patient to enable the accompaniment protocol activation humanizing the unit.

In addition, environmental biosecurity conditions have been improved through the implementation of circuits and barriers, access sinks and an air zoned conditioning system, adjustable in temperature. Likewise, the unit’s facilities have been modernized in aspects such as lighting, electrical safety, plumbing, sanitation, medicinal gases, telecommunications and air conditioning.