A remodeling loaded with history

22 January, 2020

Museum and library rehabilitation

This project, by architect José Fernando Añón Pose, looked to improve and condition the building of the Bergantiños Museum and the Municipal Library that, located in the Carballo City Council, had not been remodeled in previous years so various deficiencies were found.

In the Museum of Bergantiños the bathing areas have been reformed by modifying the existing plumbing, sanitation and electricity facilities. On the roof of the central courtyard of the museum a new wooden beams structure has been placed under a glass ceiling.

In addition, a zinc finish sheet has been placed in the meeting area of the roof by the facade, as well as the facade that closes the patio that has been cleaned and painted. In the exterior facades the existing cracks have been repaired and, once cleaned, they have been painted. In addition, the roof areas damaged or in poor condition were repaired.

In the office space, the exterior woodwork has been replaced and inside the ground floor new doors have been replaced and placed. In addition, the interior cracks have been repaired and the vertical and horizontal walls of the interior of the museum have been painted. With regard to the installations, a new ventilation and air conditioning system with greater efficiency has been incorporated and the luminaires will be replaced by more efficient ones.

In the Municipal Library the exterior carpentry has been replaced by other aluminum with thermal break and double glazing. This way, both buildings have maintained the same use they had before starting the works.