A commitment to design, sustainability and modernity

22 January, 2020

We will build a block of dwellings of modern architecture

Coming soon is the construction of this project located in the corner of Rosalía de Castro and Serafín Avedaño in Vigo. The building, consisting of 10 floors and single commercial premises, will house 52 homes of different types and surfaces from 80 to 190 square meters. Floors will be divided into two or three apartments according to the height, with the exception of the tenth and last floor that houses a single apartment per floor.

The project was designed by architect Juan Manuel Iglesias Portela who pays special attention to the details, providing the space with optimal and functional distribution for each of its rooms, focused on user’s comfort, and having the latest technology and innovation in construction, architecture and design. A commitment to design, sustainability and modernity, reflecting the transformation that the construction sector is experiencing.