The resurgence of an icon: Palace of the Marquis of Valladares

20 September, 2019

After its rehabilitation the set will be used as a first level cultural and leisure center

Desarrolla has been awarded the refurbishment of the most important building of the historical center in Vigo, the palace of the Marquis of Valladares.

It’s refurbishment will be a turning point in the old city, as it is proposed to have a public use also. Located at 2-4, Oliva Street, in front of the co-cathedral, it was the private residence of the Marquis de Valladares’ family until they left the city.

Getting Back Stones, a company that belongs to the corporate group Interatlantic, is betting on a strong investment to get the best out of this historical building.

The project has been written out by the architects Martín Cominges and José Javier Villacé. The action includes the complete refurbishment of the building respectful of the typology, original volume and the artistic value as a whole with a historical evolution perspective of the catalogued building, now linked to new economic activities.

The project expects an improvement of the internal function thanks to the restoration of big rooms in line with the original idea of the palace.

A key issue of the proposal, evaluated positively, is the opening of the Palace of the Marquis to the city: the building will be used as a first rate culture and leisure center, making this property completely visible to the public and allowing its halls as well as its gardens to be incorporated to the urban history of Vigo.

The works will start in a few weeks and will last 20 months.