The Great Papaya, a site with its own personality

25 November, 2019

A versatile Danish-inspired space

Designed so that clients can relax and enjoy. Under this premise, at Desarrolla we worked on The Great Papaya, a business with a Danish inspiration where you can sit down and savour its coffees, sandwiches and juices, but that can be transformed into a dance floor or a space for yoga classes.

To shape the inside of the premises, we opted for light grey porcelain stoneware tiles, which contrast with the walls, which are painted a darker tone to create a homely and harmonious ambience.

Following this same line, for lighting we selected track spotlights and hanging adjustable lamps – so that one can play with the intensity of light – depending on the establishment’s needs and the time of day.

The range of greys largely dominates the furnishings, with an eye-catching stainless steel countertop on a metal structure that functions as a bar. A compact black panel with a backlit sign featuring the premise’s name contribute to crafting the personality of the space.

Oak wood veneer benches and shelves add Nordic warmth to this cosmopolitan space, which has been a real hit in A Coruña.