The Burger King with views

17 January, 2019

The restaurant is installed in the heart of the Coruña estuary

Desarrolla has completed the works of three stores for the Burger King Restaurant chain, one of them in Madrid, in the Plaza Aluche shopping centre and the other two in A Coruña, in the Puente Pasaje and in the Marineda City shopping centre

In this last one the works have been executed in a record period of time, which has allowed to implant the new image of the company updating its facilities.

The other two refurbishment have consisted of renovation of all the systems and interior finishes, according to the brand´s current image, as well as the reorganization of the spaces.

The local of Puente Pasaje in A Coruña stands out for its wide terrace with privileged views of the sea, which allows you to have a comfortable outdoor tasting area. Inside, there is a spacious dining area with a complete “PlayKing” children’s entertainment area.

The Madrid restaurant is located inside a shopping centre, also with an outdoor area dedicated to children’s entertainment.