Synergym: A new fitness concept moves into Vigo

25 November, 2019

Execution time: 2,5 monthsState of the work: Finished

Vigo was the site chosen ‘for its vitality and fitness philosophy, as well as being a seaside city. Now it is home to this new centre that is located in an unbeatable spot with gardens surrounding it and a marvellous ambience,’ as the chain states.

Its location, on the terrace of the Pizarro Shopping Centre, is a great attraction, as it is near the busy Avenida Gran Vía and, by extension, the Vigo Urzáiz train station. This activity filled area contrasts with green spaces in which members can continue the physical activity they do inside.

The space – with over 1000 square metres – is equipped with the latest technology and has a cardio zone, fitness room, free weight area, functional area and indoor cycling room, as well as a room for classes including body pump, body combat, Zumba, Pilates and yoga. The fitness room merits mention, which is equipped with premium machines by such renowned providers as Life Fitness, and the high quality of its equipped changing rooms.

Synergym, the new fitness concept, has a new centre in Vigo with a modern urban aesthetic, for which we fitted out the 1000 square metre premises that are located on the terrace of the Pizarro Shopping Centre (Vigo).

The outside envelope was executed in glass, providing loads of natural light inside, in which black is the prevailing colour on 80 percent of the surfaces. Indeed, this was the colour chosen for the 4.5 metre high ceiling, where the HVAC and electric systems remain exposed, although ‘hidden’ due to being painted the same colour as the walls.

Our soundproofing work merits mention of some 700 square metres of the floor in sport and machine rooms with last-generation vinyl sports flooring with an imitation wood finish.

For one of the rooms we chose painted concrete block for one wall, while others were executed in varnished boards, metal sheets and white lacquered panelling, the latter to signal the centre’s electronic devices.