Social work

We consider it important that social challenges be addressed from different fields and that all relevant actors are involved in them. So, by principle, we collaborate with NGOs from different fields or support disadvantaged groups and depressed communities, also trying to instill this feeling vertically over the entire company.
Throughout these ten years recently we have collaborated with NGOs such as Doctors of the World, Land of Men, Red Cross, Intermon Oxfam, Friends of Ositeti … we have also collaborated with food banks or participated in solidarity projects such as, for example, in the rehabilitation of water wells in Ouzina with Friends For Africa, in the construction of a medical center in Bambili, of a school in Nicaragua with the Global Humanitarian NGO, or of the construction also of a Civic Educational Center in Sumbawa with the NGO Development Compatible … We have also managed to consolidate a charity sporting event, the Crossing of the Innocents is already a classic of open water swimming, despite the temperature that water usually has on December 28.
Even with everything we cannot conform, we want to do more because we are realistic, we are aware that we can. Therefore, among our future projects is the creation of CONSTRUYE VIDA, a brand through which we will channel initiatives promoting the active participation of employees and collaborators with them.


Although the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, at Desarrolla we care about the environment, trying to reduce the impact that our work has on the natural environment.

We control the direct impacts derived from our activity through a certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 (scope at Galicia level). Since the implementation of this system, progressive improvements have been introduced in the procedures for the execution of works that have allowed very significant reductions of the waste generated in the production centers.

In the medium and long term, our goal will be to maintain this trend and be as respectful as possible with the natural environment that surrounds us.


Youth access program to the labor market

The current economic situation makes it difficult for young people to access the labor market. In Desarrolla we have established several collaboration agreements with various entities to facilitate the integration of young people into the labor market through internship programs supervised by experienced personnel.

Centro de orientación empleo y emprendijaze.

Fundación Empresa Universidad Gallega.

Fundación Universidade da Coruña

Universitat Poltècnica de Catalunya

Fundación Canaria General de la Universitaria de La Laguna

Fundación Canaria Universitaria de Las Palmas