Roots “Natural Urban Food”

Implementation time: 1,5 MonthStatus of work: Finished

Desarrolla has done the works of conditioning of the new gastronomic local Roots “Natural Urban Food”, located in the centric Square Plaza de Vigo in the city of A Coruña, with a surprising and singular concept.

The local, with over 127 m2 of floor area, has a cover terrace that gives access to the public zone. Both spaces are coated with a vinyl pavement of herringbone slats. Art he same time, the indoor paraments of the local are covered with solid wood planks walnut finished. While, in the work zone has been chosen a vinyl pavement and ceramic tiles.

Is worthy to distinguish the singular design of the toilets characterized by their light and green joints.
The works carried out by Desarrolla have been done within a month and a half.