Rokuseki, the first ‘yakiniku’ restaurant in Galicia

12 August, 2019

Vigo says hello to 'yakiniku' food with the help of Desarrolla

Desarrolla has carried out the comprehensive remodelling of these new premises, located in Canceleiro Street, where the new Rokuseki restaurant has reopened. The restaurant was previously located in the Urban Market of Mercado Progreso (Vigo). The establishment, designed by Modular Architecture, has a bar area in the purest Japanese style, a private party room, a kitchen and toilets.

The Rokuseki, which means six seats, is named after first restaurant which only had one bar and six chairs. It was opened in 2017, in the popular Mercado del Progreso as  the first and only Yakiniku-type gastronomic space (term Japanese that refers to grilled meat) in Galicia. Good news for those who believe that a Japanese is synonymous of raw fish and nothing more, and one of the few places of this type that can be counted in Spain, where you can enjoy the hypnotic smoke of wagyu meat on the coals.

Among the actions carried out by Desarrolla, it is worth highlighting the combination of rolled steel, giving special importance to the coated pillars, as well as the careful microcement floor, the careful combinination of the elements, and Osaka painting on the walls. As for the finishes, the Viroc of the facade is combined with the finishes of ash wood present in the bar. The furniture has been specifically designed for the premises with finishes in natural slate blocks.

The powerful insulation combined with the aesthetics of the false ceiling brings personality to the living room area. The restaurant, with several grills for the elaboration of meats, has an important and unique extraction system, as well as a meticulously maintained lighting based on LED points that delimits the continuous table space as a bar. With all these actions, it has been possible to provide the premises with an aesthetic that makes a homy environment, characteristic of Japanese culture, which will allow us to enjoy the nostalgic feel in each of the small details that make up the space.