Bocanegra Restaurant

Term of execution: 2 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

Integral conditioning of commercial premises for Bocanegra restaurant located in A Coruña city center.

The premises (160 m2) have been carefully designed and organized using modules of 78 × 78 cm, which govern the walls of the central volume that houses the kitchen.

A continuous floor of polished concrete finished in black whose joints obey to a multiple modular base.

The stone of the walls is masterfully combined with bars of varnished corrugated iron and solid pine wood, present in the false ceiling and in the upper part of the kitchen where all the electrical and non-electrical installations are located.

The table area revolves around the kitchen located in the center and whose glass walls provide total permeability between the work area and tasting.

Furniture installation equipped by Global Asento.