Remodelling of the Orzán Armour

Period of execution: 1 MonthStatus of work: Finished

Desarrolla completes remodelling work on the retaining was of the sea promenade of Orzan, inaugurated yesterday with an act of homage to the Heroes of Orzan, in the presence of the President of the Xunta, D. Alberto Núñez Feijoo and the Mayor of A Coruña, D. Carlos Negreira.

The project was designed by architects Jose Manuel López Mihura, Sonia Romero, and Jose Luis Rey, and involved the reorganization of. and urban site with views over the Orzan seafront and beach, and encompassing the monument to the heroic policemen drowned in a rescue attempt there the year before.

All work involved was completed in the record period of. three weeks, exactly as planned.

Desarrolla wishes to Express once again its pride in having participated in this work of commemoration of the Heroes of Orzan.