Remodelling of the María Pita tunnel

Term of execution: 4 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

The Council of A Coruña has awarded to Desarrolla the works of Improve and Adaptation of the Tunnel of María Pita.

The road, with double lane and 265 m of length, cross the square of María Pita which join the Marina zone and the Alférez Provisional avenue with Atocha and Orillamar, in the centre of A Coruña.

The propose include works of comprehensive improve and modernize of the installations, which will suppose a better efficient and an energetic savings, and a latter saving in their maintenance.

This intervention will adjust to the latter period of the work plan of O Parrote and La Marina, which will connect the underground road which is been doing in la Marina with the tunnel of O Parrote.