Rehabilitation of the former Trabada school

21 September, 2018

A new cultural-ethnographic center for the area run by Desarrollo

Trabada, the municipality of Lugo, has put out to tender the refurbishment of the building where the old school used to be, to turn it into an ethnographical centre. Finally, after the award process, Desarrolla will be in charge of carrying out said work.  In the same line of action, a space will be set out to be used as tourist information office for the municipality and its surrounding area.

The building of the old school is currently abandoned, except the ground floor which has been prepared for its occasional use for different events. The construction has four annexes, added throughout the years, with differing conservation status.

As the works are set out, the constructions would adapt as well as possible to the environment in which they are located, and therefore, its design must match the conditions of the area. Renewing the building is being considered, but always reproducing its original shapes.

The old school is located on one of the main routes of the Camino de Santiago, path which receives  thousands of pilgrims each year. It is proposed as an ambitious work, both architecturally  and culturally, as it will be designed as a cultural- ethnographical centre to speed the traditions of the area. Inside, it will house traveling exhibitions, and the information centre- annex building- will be useful particularly for pilgrims and tourists in general. The completion time for this work will be six months.