Rehabilitation of Sculptural Slope

Implementation time: 1,5 MonthStatus of work: Finished

Desarrolla has been finished the works of restoration of the existent slope between the Arteixo Avenue and Santa Margarita Park. in the city of A Coruña.

It is a slope with history, because it was the artist Leopoldo Nóvoa who in 1989 was commissioned  the woks of a sculptural-slope to cover the stone wall to the Opera House. After waiting for a second phase, that never took place, the project was incomplete with only 90 meters long, 3 meters high in its southern end and 10,50 meters high in the North.

With the pass of the time it has been different changes, that made to raise the restoration of the slope. To carried out this project it has been done the rebuilt of it original state thanks to the existence of preparatory draws and pictures of the artist, a work carried out according to the studio Manuel Gallego Jorreto Arquitectos Asociados, S.L.P. and the architect Pablo Gallego Picard.