Rehabilitation for the Raiola Foundation finished

5 October, 2018

An updated nursing home

The rest home with which the Raiola Foundation has in the municipality of Betanzos shows new finishes after the refurbishment works carried out by Desarrolla. The building was extended by 97 square meters to achieve  300m2 construction.


The works were carried out under the project of the architect Antonio Pernas Varela and had a completion time of five months.

In particular, the tasks that Desarrolla undertook in the building consisted in refurbishing the exiting building, preparing both the façade and the interior, which is separated in rooms, bathrooms and kitchen area.

The construction was extended with a new part with a metallic structure and concrete, giving the premises new common areas that complement the facilities.

Diferentiated facades

The façade of the old part and the new one can be identified by its finishes. Regarding the first one, Sate was chosen, improving the insulation of the building, while a covering of rigid Termochip panes and finished with zinc sheets was chosen for the extension.

On the outside of the rest home of the Raiola Foundation, development works were carried out. Thus, the access to the facilities were paved with tarmac and concrete slabs to differentiate the different traffic areas.