Rehabilitation and extension of the Castle of Sta. Cruz de A Guarda

Term of execution: 6 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

The Department of Culture, Education and University of the regional government “Xunta de Galicia” has awarded to Desarrolla the Works of restoration and finished of the Interpretation Centre of the Castle of Santa Cruz de A Guarda, province of Pontevedra.

The fortress, built in century XVII, was declared Propety of Cultural Interest in 1995 and has received some inversions for it restoration. This has allowed the comprehensive recover of the structure and the inherited elements of the fortress.

The awarded works focus in the finished of the Interpretation Centre located inside of the castle, which became to build in 2009 and had to stop because of had to stop because of the financing. The works will be, the moving away of the damage elements, the end of the structure, the restoration of the areas which are affected by the corrosion, the replacement of the enclosure and the carpentry, the execution of the partitions or the installation systems.