Rehabilitation and extension of housing in Elviña

Term of execution: 8 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

The refurbishment and extension works on a house in Elviña (A Coruña), under the project of Trespés Arquitectos, has been awarded with a runner-up in these awards. The action was carried out on a house made up of an existing main building with stone walls and gabled sloping roof, and an extension carried out with a reversed flat landscaped roof on a  solid concrete slab. The jury wanted to highlight the thorough use work carried out in all aspects of the house (functionality, natural lighting, thermal insulation,…) providing a remarkable illustration of respect to the values of the preexisting building and bringing solutions to the needs of its owners.

Desarrolla also participated in the action on a house in Prado Lonia (Ourense), which was finalist at the Juana de Vega Environmental Impact Awards. The work, designed by the architect Quico Jorreto Díaz, consisted in the refurbishment and extension of a house qualified with patrimonial protection. The execution of the works brought together the preservation and adaptation to the current time and age, as well as the aims intended by the developers, enriching the landscape in which the building is located.