Reconditioning of the Naraío Castle

5 August, 2019

Awarded the restoration and the reconditioning of the medieval castle

Desarrolla will carry out the third phase of consolidation and conditioning of Naraío Castle in the municipality of San Sadurniño, in A Coruña. The works will allow the construction of an interior structure that will lead to the highest point of the tower. This is the third intervention that is undertaken on the fortification – the previous ones date from 2007 and 2011 – within a project designed in several phases, which was paralyzed due to the economic crisis of some years ago.

The reconditioning works include the removal of the vegetation layer from the promontory, the improvement of the castle access and of some structural parts, and the placement of railings that will allow visitors to visit the fortress without any danger. Both accessibility and security will be considerably improved. As for the interior, one of the most outstanding  aspects will be the construction of a structure inside the tower that will take visitors to the highest point of the castle. The works will be completed in 2 months.