Reformation in Horno Sanbrandan

Term of execution: 2 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

Comprehensive conditioning and refurbishment of the comercial local to a new bakery “Hornosanbrandan”, located in the street Torre in A Coruña.

The shop has a floor area of 100 m2, distributed between the bakery and the cafeteria, with a public attention area, a sample area, a workroom with an oven , a cold store, a stock and an installations room.

The project carried out by the architectural study Tejedor and Otero combines perfectly smooth and naturals  textures, contributing with an own personality to each space without losing sight the identity of the brand.

The works have carried out in the execution of the necessary installations for the new use of the local, as well as the reorganize of the existent spaces and the renovation of the vertical and horizontal finishes.