“Professional Development Days in the Field of Building”

15 January, 2014

Desarrolla has been invited to participate

Desarrolla has been invited to participate in the ” Professional Development Sessions in the Field of Construction 2013″, which has been organized by The University School of Building Surveying of A Coruña.

These conferences are divided in four sessions, which aims to undertake a reflection on the current and future situation about the profession. This reflection will be from a international perspective, the training needed to start the profession or transversal competences, new labour sectors or opportunities to the professional activity.

Desarrolla´s intervention will be established in the Professional Session, which will be celebrated on the 5 December Thursday in the Aula Magna of the University. This will be hosted by Mr. Gerardo Collazo. It will be about “The innovation in the construction and the new emergent markets. A Galician view.”

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