A penthouse with views of the Sagrada Familia

14 September, 2021

Desarrolla will carry out the refurbishment of a spectacular penthouse on Mallorca street in Barcelona, whose imposing terrace has a privileged view of Gaudi's masterpiece

Las espectaculares vistas a la Sagrada Familia son uno de los atractivos del ático

It is one of the masterpieces of universal architecture. Antonio Gaudi’s crowning achievement. Like the most legendary cathedrals, the construction of the Sagrada Familia has become a major challenge that has already passed through three centuries. And there it remains, unfinished. What does it matter? Getting up every morning and contemplating it must be an indescribable pleasure. A delight for the senses that in a few months will be enjoyed by the residents of the building that Desarrolla Obras y Servicios will refurbish in Mallorca street in Barcelona. A penthouse with views of the Sagrada Familia that is actually much more than that.

Because the project designed by the architecture studio The Luxury of Living proposes to recover all the splendour of a building with a lot of life behind it. In fact, almost as much as the Sagrada Familia.

The property to be refurbished by Desarrolla is the attic of a building constructed in 1940. Pure history of Barcelona in one of the most populous and well-known areas of the city.

The construction company will be working on a 340 square metre building with spectacular terraces, which together total almost 190 square metres. The central element of the refurbishment is a new distribution of the spaces that will create an open concept with a contemporary aesthetic.

The project takes advantage of the height of the house to generate a feeling of spaciousness and light in every corner of the house. Desarrolla will also remodel the large windows to fill with light this penthouse with views of the Sagrada Familia.

But the renovation of the spaces will be integral. And not only because of the new layout, but also because of the commitment to designer interiors that will completely transform the home. Bedrooms with dressing rooms, kitchens and living rooms with an avant-garde aesthetic, dream bathrooms…

To choose just one of the future rooms of the house would be an impossible exercise. And surely also unfair. Because if the interior of the attic is bound to capture the attention of any lover of architecture, the management of the outdoor areas will hardly find any comparison in the city.

The proposal that Desarrolla Obras y Servicios is preparing to execute will be one more step in the commitment that the city has been making to architecture for decades. But perhaps a more special one. Different. After all, you don’t find a penthouse with views of the Sagrada Familia every day, do you?

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