Optica Páramo, a visual space

Execution time: 4 monthsState of the work: Finished

The recently inaugurated Óptica Páramo (an optician’s shop) is the result of the union and complete refurbishment of two adjoining premises in disuse. This action gives rise to a wide area that makes it possible to take advantage of the total height of the premises.

The reception and customer service area, which opens up to the outside making the most of the possibilities of the space, includes workrooms and cabinets on both sides. The separation of the two areas is carried out by means of large windows, favouring the integration of the private rooms into the premises.

The aesthetics of the premises is the result of combining new elements with old furniture, as was considered during the project phase, opting for the predominance of white. The use of LED lighting and mirrors contribute to the feeling of spaciousness. A new desk, located in the centre of the establishment, articulates the space while functioning as an exhibitor.

On the outside, the façade is made up of two laminated glass panels and a fixed frame lacquered matt black. An aluminium rolling shutter protects the entrance pivot door. The rest of the façade has been clad in black porcelain stoneware holding the corporate backlit sign.

A project of Taller d’Interiorisme – specialized in the realization of interior decoration projects in optician’s shops – that has fulfilled the expectations of the client, as well as solved the functional and practical questions of the space.