New Community Center in Costa da Morte

22 February, 2019

Focused on the dissemination of the history of fishing

The council of A Laracha has awarded Desarrolla the construction of the Costa da Morte community centre, in the North of the population centre of Caión.

The new building will have more than eight-hundred-and-eighty square metre area lay out in two floor above ground and a basement.

The centre, projected by the studio Naos Architects, is defined by its characteristic curved shape in zinc, reminiscent of the back of a whale, as a historical nod to the whaling past of the population of Caion.

The building was designed for the development of activities of general interest and for the dissemination of the history of fishing in the locality. It will house the new dependencies of the association of fisherman of Caión and the tourist information point, as well as showroom, multi-use rooms and an assembly room.