Modular intercity bus stops

22 January, 2020

A reliable and replicable design

The proposal for a bus stop shelter on Entrejardines street in A Coruña takes up and updates the basic design suggested fot the remodeling of Campo da Leña bus shelters located in the same city. The project sought to respond to different concerns raised by the Xunta de Galicia and the Concello de A Coruña, such as getting a piece of furniture sufficiently abstract, although easily recognizable for its use, as well as solving the different accessibility issues of the premises.

We looked to create a modular based design easy to replicate, transfer and implement in different city locations while maintaining its special look. Likewise, we executed a main metal structure made up of four “L” steel frames, with laminar glass screens in both vertical and horizontal arrangement acting as protective elements against rain and wind as well as for advertisement purposes. As an interior wrapping of the set, the wooden latticework is also used to provide shade and protection to the users, forming a bank of entanglement that matches those existing in the gardens.

The set is completed by an information post prepared in accordance with the instructions issued by the Director of General Mobility of the Department of Infrastructure and Housing of the regional government Xunta de Galicia, which incorporates additional information on lines, corridors and stops, integrating elements and Corporate identity colors. This set will be located where the location plan indicates, the other seven will be placed in the future, at the stops of A Coruña intercity transport accessibility plan.