A house in depth and form

Implementation time: 12 monthsStatus of work: Finished

This project completed in the historic center of Ferrol. It stands out for the simplicity and good taste where a narrow space has been optimized. The intervention was carried out in a ruined building that altered the aesthetics of its surroundings. After the execution, the property has two apartments and a shared studio in a total area of ​​170 m2. Concrete joist structures with painted exposed OSB boards and concrete polished floors with jabelba applied stone walls coexist in one single space. There are the elements that VLD Architects designers have used to create their environment.

On the ground floor, the kitchen opens to an interior patio with articulated access. To optimize the space, built-in storage areas were created in the stone walls. These contribute to creating a feeling of greater amplitude, emphasized by the use of the exposed joists, which also give depth and personality to rooms accentuating their luminosity through the predominance of white.

The wooden steps materialize the ephemeral stairs of glazed railings that communicate the different heights of the building. In wet areas, the pavement extends to the walls, and then the entire space is covered in polished concrete. The upper floor is crowned by large skylights that shed light on the rooms.