The importance of structure in rehabilitation

Terms of execution: 7 MesesStatus of work: Finished

Refurbishment of a building in Torreiro Street in the historic centre of A Coruña. This work, designed by Acorde Arquitectura, contemplates a practically integral refurbishment of a building with a ground floor + 2 upper floors, with the particularity that the commercial premises on the ground floor continued to function during the entire work.

One of the particularities of this refurbishment lies in the solution used in the structure, as a framework based on metal beams and purlins was placed over the existing wooden slabs, serving as support for a wooden chipboard on which a concrete compression layer was placed, thus guaranteeing correct acoustic insulation.

Inside, the homes have been fitted with white lacquered wooden joinery, high false ceilings and top quality materials, thus combining innovative design with the traditional spirit of the homes in the historic centre.