A house in the forest

Term of execution: 24 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

Longitudinal Single-family home, 460 m2 of built area, developed entirely on one floor. The project developed by architect Mauro Lomba, is characterized by the clarity of its composition, based on traditional Galician houses.

This results in a dwelling that shows a clear backbone, with respect to which different volumes are added or subtracted, thus forming a succession of spaces that are related both to each other and to their immediate environment. In this way, the central space is the library which becomes the backbone of the house, acting as a connection between the different spaces that make it up.

Constructively, this central space is solved with unidirectional slabs and reinforced slabs, which rest on a reinforced concrete structure and metal profiles. The cover is resolved with a flat cover with a rolled corner finish.

Part of the complexity of the works is due to different enveloping systems. Among them, the use of ventilated façade solutions stands out, in which the finishing material varies between cumarú wood or broken white aluminum panels.

The concrete walls seen or a slate siding are other systems present in the work. Regarding the urbanization, the inclusion of a swimming pool stands out, at the edges of which a wooden platform of Cumarú is placed, and a pavicesped area (formed by PVC tiles), which connect the entrance area with the garage.