Insurance brokerage offices Cascudo

Term of execution: 3 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

At Desarrolla we have been in charge of  carrying out the complete refurbishment works of the new Cascudo insurance brokerage offices in Narón, obtaining a practical and comfortable daily work area for its users, as well as having its own personality.

Cascudo’s insurance brokerage has moved its offices in Narón to A Gándara Industrial Area and there is where Desarrolla has carried out the refurbishment of its new work space. The execution of the works have been carried out over three months. The architectural and engineering studio in charge of the project has been Cotecno.

This commercial premise’s surface is of 400 square meters. As well as five glass offices, a multipurpose room and a meeting room, the offices have an open-plan commercial operations room that is the main space around which the daily activity of this office moves around. Having chosen a mobile partitioning system, the site can be readapted in the the future to whatever space distribution that is needed at each moment.

It is in this operations room where we can find on of the most striking features of this work. We are referring to isles suspended directly from the concrete slab, which is left in sight. This option gives a different view fo the upper part of the offices.

Regarding the floor covering, different floorings imitating two different  wood finishes have been chosen to define areas. This has also been the material chosen for the walls of the operation room.

The rooms intended as archive and technical information are other areas that have been taken into account. The staff also have an office area of primate use.