Increased height thanks to aerated concrete

Term of execution: 8 MonthsStatus of work: Finished

Refurbishment and extension of a residential building located in the centre of A Coruña, in which the appropriate works have been carried out to improve accessibility.

The project, carried out by the architect Leandro del Río, contemplates the extension of the top two floors, also tackling various works such as the refurbishment of the façade, the improvement of the communal areas, and the comprehensive reform of the old top floor of the building.

The construction solution adopted, based on the use of cellular concrete walls, has made it possible to increase the height of the building without the need for structural intervention, thanks to the lightness of the material chosen.

Inside the building, solid oak flooring is used for the floors of the communal areas, which in the case of the enlarged or refurbished dwellings is also present in the wet areas (bathrooms and kitchens).

The stone walls have been restored, grouted with lime mortar and finished with white elastic cladding. These walls are combined with plasterboard cladding.

The works carried out not only improve the accessibility of the building by adding a lift, but also result in a substantial increase in the quality of the building.