Inauguration of our new Headquarters in A Coruña

29 October, 2019

950 square meters that house the heart of our company

An unprecedented event that has been echoed by the press. Including the Galician mail that said the following:

“The Galician construction company Desarrolla moves its headquarters to Abogacía Street, in Tabacalera Square. Its new headquarters, which has about 1000 square meters, houses the heart of a company in continuous movement. Able to be born and grow during the crisis, Develops – which is also now ten years old – today has become a national reference.Its new headquarters in Ibiza adds the eighteen number of a project that grows while preserving the vision and original values ​​of its founders, who have created a business model based on seriousness and commitment, with a very technical profile and at the same time totally customer oriented.

The new headquarters of Desarrolla _ officially opened on Friday 25_ has been designed to optimize the company’s internal work processes and to improve the quality of life at work. Its large windows open the Headquarters to the public and bystanders, making a nod to the transparency associated with the Brand and, at the same time, turning its diaphanous interior into a modern and cozy space from which the areas of building, interior design, rehabilitation are directed and infrastructure, in addition to the general services of the construction company.

Desarrolla expects to maintain its controlled growth rate during the coming years. Its expansion plan is defined after thorough analysis and projected cautiously. Maintaining perspective is something that is part of the DNA of a company capable of getting muscle in crisis. ”

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