First phase of the works of the Educational Centre of San Xerome Emiliani

9 November, 2018

The improvements in the partnership after the intervention of Desarrollo

The Special Education Centre of the San Xerome Emiliani Association in A Guarda (Pontevedra) has improvements in different  areas as accessibility or energy efficiency, after the works carried out by Desarrolla. The association has received helps from the Xunta de Galicia to cover the implementation of these actions.

After years of service, the facilities of the center were outdated. Changes in the regulations, as well as the current needs of the service, made an adaptation of the spaces necessary.

The centre receives students with special educational needs of different ages (between 3 and 21 years of age). The collective user is made up of Alumnos con Necesidades Específicas de Apoyo Educativo (ANEAE), students with special needs for educational support,  and intellectual disability. After the actions carried out by Desarrolla, the students will have a current space that will improve significantly their studying conditions.


With the refurbishment, designed by the architect Mauro Lomba, what was being pursued was to provide an efficient education, support work and training for personal development and social integration of the students, as well as improve the environmental quality and, as is prescriptive, adapt to the current legislation.

The priority objectives of this refurbishment were:  grouping the different uses in areas, the optimum use of natural lighting, the general refurbishment of the facilities and finishes, as well as improving accessibility aspects, energy efficiency, ventilation and comfort.

The works carried out at the facilities of the center, located at 23, Galicia Avenue in A Guarda (Pontevedra), had an implementation period of three months. The ground floor of the building was the area of operation of phase one, in which the main doors was changed, and several rooms were redistributed and refurbished among other works.

Preparing phase two of the works

Once finished the first action of the refurbishment works, Desarrolla is getting ready to undertake phase two in which the roof of the building will be worked on, as well as the rest of the spaces on the ground floor, which has a total surface of around 260m2.

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